Why Offices of Measure choose Elproma servers ?

Offices of Measure mostly use NTP servers in configuration where frequency is locked on 1PPS available from 5071A atomic cesium clock.  However, above configuration cannot use UTC Timestamping from 5071A atomic cesium clock.  This is because 5071A includes cesium beam continuously traced by PC.  This connection occupies the only available rs232 interface at 5071A.  Therefore, the NTP server uses simultaneously combination of 1PPS and Timestamps from GPS or other NTP serer. Elproma has developed new unique NTP driver to support 5071A timestamps and 1PPS simultaneously. This configuration does not need GPS anymore.  A feature more, You can still trace caesium on PC due to Elproma NTP server behaves transparent for PC requests.


Watch  YouTube  to learn more how you can use your 5071A with ELPROMA servers


Elproma has developed unique cesium NTP driver synchronizing system to primary reference standard 5071A atomic clock (CS). This project was originally started in 2005 and it was ordered by Royal Observatory of Brussel/Belgium (EU). The final 2010 version of NTP driver base on CMS (Common Memory Share) and it supports simulataniously both:

  • 5071A timestamps: DD:MM:YYYY/HH:MM:SS:mm:uu
  • 1PPS Pulse Per Second frequency reference standard