Low Cost Ultra Miniature NTS-pico 

 Time Server NTS-pico delivers time directly to network using NTP and PTP protocols. It is equipped with single 100/10Mbps Ethernet port working with IPv4/IPv6. Server  basis on  Linux. Unit is very small and natural air  cooling. It has been designed for  small industrial networks and it can operate 24/7. It is powered in range 9-30VDC.  The NTS-pico is ready to use server. It is equipped with GNSS antenna and 30 meter coax cable (SMA ended). Marine antenna has built-in GPS signal amplifier and TCXO holdover oscillator for GNSS less operations.  Server has multi-satellites receiver simultaneously supporting: GPS, GLONASS. It is GALIELO*, BEIDOU* ready. Server has  very fast (less than 0.5ms +/- 1ppm) Time To First Fix TTFF synchronization startup.  The receiver accuracy is better than 15ns (at 2 sigma). Optionally NTS-pico is equipped with GSM modem for synchronization monitoring, remote configuration, firmware upgrade/downgrade support and alarm/event LOG  transfer. Server supports cryptographic authentication. Holdover mode ensure synchronization accuracy to be better than 4ms in first hour.  After 24h the max. holdover error is not bigger than 100ms on server output. (read press release for NTS-pico ).

  • NTP, SNTP, PTP* compatible
  • Windows, Linux, Mac compatible 
  • UTC from GPS & Glonass 
  • PTPv2* /IEEE1588 (extra)
  • Software timestamping
  • HTTP management (suetup)
  • Real Linux Inside (CPU: ARM)
  • 1x LAN 100/10Mbps   
  • 1x RS232, 1x USB
  • Antenna & 30m coax incl. 
Antenna GPS (GNSS) w/ 30m coax NTP/PTP miniature Time Server  
Model                 NTS-pico  
  Miniature Time Server w/ external power supply  
LAN       1x  100/10Mbps (RJ45)  to synchronize max. 10-20 IPC
TCP/IP       IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP
SECURITY       PKI Authentication, NTP Autokey, DSA, SSL, MD5, RSA
SYSLOG       yes  
Sync.  Accuracy         GNSS       better than   15ns (at 2 sigma)    
LAN/VLAN/WAN       better than   500us
 Internet       better than   100ms
Synchronization Protocols       NTP,  SNTP, PTP*, TSA* (*option),  
 NTP       RFC5905, RFC1305, RFC5906, RFC5907, RFC5908, RFC5909
 SNTP       RFC4330, RFC2030, RFC1769
  RFC(868), RFC(867)
  w/ 30m coax H-155 cable (incl.)
      single w/ buit-in mplifier (gain 38dB)
      GPS, GLONASS, GALILLEO*, BEIDOU* (test mode),
SBAS support
      yes /EGNOS (ESA), WAAS/  
 FREQUENCY       L1: 1575.42MHz; GLONASS 1598.06MHz-1605.38MHz
MAX. RCV/ANT DISTANCE       30m (cable incl.)
       All protected for overvoltage by built-in varistors
 LAN       RJ45
      internal (extranl option available*)
 RS232/RS485       RJ45
 USB       2.0
Other                          SIZE       80mm x 60mm x 34mm
TEMPERATURE       Operating -20C+55C Storage -40C+80C
HUMIDITY       up to 95%  
 POWER       12VDC

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