IEC 61024-1 Surge Protection for ELPROMA Time Servers

Follwing overvoltage/surge protection is available for ELPROMA time servers:

  1. NTS-protec   BASIC (FREE OF CHARGE, internal built-in to NTS-x000, protects all its I/O, it bases on varistors)
  2. NTS-protect  MIN    (protects GNSS ANT1 & ANT 2, external set of arestors from Phoenix Contact)
  3. NTS-protect. MAX    (all MIN functions plus extra arestors for: LAN1, LAN2, PWR-line_A, PWR_line_B*)

A built-in BASIC overvoltage/surge arestors basis on varistors and it protects all I/O NTS-x000 lines including: GNSS, 1PPS,w RS232, IRIG-B, 10MHz etc. This is equivalnet of sugrge arestors more of companies use toady. However, your insurance company or security department might request a "eye visible" protection. You can consider then to use external NTS-protect system, a certified one set of arestors from company Phoenix Contact. You can buy them directly or from ELPROMA sales network. NTS-protec MIN includes set of arestors protecting antennas. NTS-protec MAX has "NTS-protect MIN" functionality, but also it includes arestors for LAN1, Lan2, and all PWR-lines - incl. redundancy if ordered).

This system is set of overvoltage/lightning protection from Phoenix Contact. It is preventing ELPROMA time servers from direct and indirect effects of atmospheric discharges. The NTS-protect has been designed to secure against switching overvoltage and lightning surge, and that voltage limiters shall apply thereto. The construction of the unit is based upon the rule of voltage compensation in accordance with PN – IEC 61024-1 standard for all I/O lines including: GPS/Glonass antenna, Ethernet/LAN  and Main 110-230V AC power inputs. This is probably one of the best and most effective  solutions for surge protection ever desigigned. It stipulates upholding safe levels of overvoltage that will not damage the insulation in all protected electrical circuits and I/O. In fact, the entire Elproma time server is isolated and protected from direct and indirect surges. This gives a significant technical advantage for Elproma over the competition offers  that isolates only the 1.5GHz signal from the GPS antenna.     

All I/O have been conducted through dedicated limiters mounted on the steel-made DIN35/7,5mm bus (rack'19). Overvoltage limiters are arranged as parallel systems including non-linear components such as gas spark gaps, semiconductor diodes and voltage-dependent resistors. They provide a quick change of resistance leading the current of overvoltage origin down into the protection circuit of the rack’19 case. All electrical leads of limiters are in the form of screw terminals. All protected in/out lines have been grouped into 3 sections: 1-ANTENNA;  2-NETWORK/LAN;  3-MAIN POWER. 


NTS-protect (single antenna configuration w/ 2x LAN)

IMPORTANT NOTE ! Each full surge protection for enterprise IT infrastructure requires an understanding of the risks and knowledge of available solutions. Incomplete or incorrect solution to the problem is dangerous work of people and computers.  Only very few time server manufacturers and it's users remain aware of that - Elproma is one of them. We are trusted by the biggest suppliers of IT / Telecom, Corporations, Market Stocks and National Metrology Institutes. Our NTS-protect solution protects each day equipment worth billions of dollars. The Phoenix Contact components are tested and have the fsafety certifications from: UL, CSA, IECEE CB Scheme, KEMA-KEUR, ÖVE, GOST (GOST-R), GL, CCA.  But even for those custonmers who do not want to use the performance of Phoenix Contact, are more safe than others served by competitors due to ELproma makes it's servers with  built-in self-level overvoltage protection. Any NTS-x000 ANT1/ANT2 interface of NTS-x000 includes build-in: varistor, choke and diode. However, it only protects against errors and improper cable connections, antenna hot-swap connections etc. The only secure way to achieve maximum surge safety is to use a multi-stage structure including: home-arestors, NTS-protect and NTS-x000 protection - all tougether.  

ANTENNA SECTION (The diagram on the left). The NTS server communicates with ANT via low-signal circuits of the voltage levels not exceeding 12V. Using NTS-protect between please use shielded version of cable and connector.  

max. 1.2kM    

If you use a NTS time server configuration with two redundant Multi-SAT RCV Antennas, please order NTS-protect with double antenna section (catalogue #part: NTS-protect-DUAL).

POWER SECTION Then the issue to discuss is barely the way the power is distributed inside the rack’19 switchbox (it refers to the number of internal outlets mounted onto the bus) and not the way of supplying the power to the entire rack’19 switchbox along its appropriate grounding system (PE line). So the protection of the 110-230V AC power supply system has been handled through C/II-class limiters in accordance with IEC 61643-1 and E DIN VDE 0675 standards. These are limiters maintaining the protection level parallel to D-class (reaching 1m5kV for 20kA at 8/20uS) and allowing for the downlead of the current up to 3kA (10/350uS), typical for supplementary safety measures that include protection of the 230V AC power supply system. Such solutions are in regular use in the industry, for rack’19 switchboxes with the industrial automatics. NTS-protect solution has 2 limiters of this kind (one in each wire; 1-L; 2-N), working in parallel in the power supply system. Limiters are installed onto the DIN35/7,5mm bus. It is recommended to provide the discussed system with supply for devices operating in the same rack’19 switchbox.




NTS-PROTECT is flexible and it covers any NTS-3000/4000/5000 configuration. All protection sections can be independently expanded covering customized configuration of Clepsydra Time Server. Below picture presents NTS-Protect in configuration supporting: dual redundant Antena (A/B), 3x LAN, and redundant 2x power supplies. 

GNSS ANTENNA SYSTEM                                     LANS                           SERVER POWERSUPPLY

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