History: Elproma Elektronika Sp. z o.o. was originally funded in 1992 by C&K Components Europe B.V. - the world leading manufacture of electromechanical switches. In 1998 ITT Canon has made acquisition of C&K paying 117mln US$, but transaction was not including any assets other than production facilities. Therefore, early year 1999 the new Elproma B.V. holding was created. It has successfully finished acquisition of all reminded Elproma branches incl. Elproma Elektronika Sp. z o.o. In a long way of last 2 decades, the ownership of Elproma was changing. Today Elproma Elektronika Sp. z o.o. is privately held company belonging to group o polish investors keeping 100% of company capital. Elproma Poland group of investors is the owner of brands:

www.clepsydratime.com - manufacturing time servers

     www.teleorigin.com       - manufacturing wireless terminal-modems for M2M

www.vendometric.com  - wireless communication & monitoring for vending machines

Elproma emloys over 30 people operating in Poland and another 20 operating in The Netherlands a partner company Elproma B.V. (acting distributor for Benelux). Company is ISO9001 certified and IQ-Net valid until 2018.

The key to continued growth and success is it's ability to stay at the leading edge of technological innovation whilst paying full attention to the needs of all our customers and partners. Elproma has participated in several large time related projects including: PIONIER fiber-optic supercoputer network, or Air Traffic Controls in different regions of EU. We have supervised 5071A cesium NTP driver development for VSL in The Netherlands, and SIQ in Slovenia, NPL in UK & GUM (Poland). In 2010-2012 we work near CERN research team on new development of precission time protocol PTP called White Rabbit. This project was presented together with CERN during PTTI 2011 conference in USA. Earlier presentations with Elproma product were released too, like the one PTTI 2004 by Royal Observatory of Brusells. Finally, the 2014 Elproma join DEMETRA consortium 15 partners working together on next generation Galileo time distribution.

We are:

  • Young, good work motivated team
  • 24 years experience (since 1992)
  • NTP experts, ISO9001 +IQNet certified
  • Flexible - we adapt product to suit your needs
  • No limiting - no system too large or too small
  • Keeping ongoing product development programme
  • Products Made in EU (CE, ISO9001 certified)
  • Ex-stock delivery, worldwide UPS shipping

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Investors Relationship. The goal of every company is to increase its equity, which requires both: the innovative technology and international business development appointing long term value creation strategy.  Every year Elproma regularly pays dividends to its investors. But it also periodically buyback & redeem company shares to keep market share value in balance to equity reserves. This gives good forecast for company investors with long term investment planes. Elproma takes pride in placing emphasis on three critical factors: Versatility, Compatibility, Reliability.

Early Years 1990-1992

Multi User PC  the miniature mainframe system running DOS 6.22 on each of max. 3 terminals (workstations). Orginally it starts from 2 users, shortly extending to 3. All 3 users could work on own CPU (i386) sharing hard disks (HD), software programs & data, printer (LPT), plotter (COM).

Alternative for Novell Netware Lite, Netware 2.x/3.x, Microsoft 3.1, Windows For Workgroups 3.11 - this system was dedicated for small and home business. Built-in Elproma own developed file-server operating system ELP-TSAK was written in Modula-2 programming language.

Project begins in September 1990 and it tooks over 2 years to develope and test it for 4 person R&D Dutch team supervised by Tomasz Widomski. Together with IBM Baby RPG this system was great and inexpensive alternative for IBM 34/36 mainframes running RPG database system. The MultiUserPC system was delivered to insurance agents in Benelux. In 1992 system was sold to Unisys and to Olivetti Computers. Elproma was succesfully working based on own design system until year 2000 running DBase,  and  later WatCom SQL (later Sybase).


ELP-TASK (The MultiUserPC multitasking file-server ELPROMA operating system) based on 1987-1990 framework a team working on best time-corelation and algorithm-performance for concurrent programming, concurrent process management dedicated for mulitasking environments. It early announces new Elproma coming edge to begin develop time & frequency products incl. clocks and time servers - the company is active until now.


First DCF77 Clocks (Years 1993-1996)

First DCF77 clock (archive PDF) was manufactured in cooperation to Amart Logic in 1993. It delivers local time to file-servers (Windows NT, Novel NetWare, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, QNX, DOS and to other systems currently used by industry.

GPS Clocks (Years 1996-2000)

Shortly 2nd generation of DCF77 was released and new GPS satellite clocks were introduced by ELPROMA too. In 2001 first high accuracy GPS-plus and network version - the GPS-net clocks product were released.

NTP/PTP Network TIme Servers (Years 2001-2016). Begining from 2001 Elproma is focusing on network class solutions. The first NTS-3000 was release in 2001 and it still reminds in production until today. The NTS-5000 Rubidium was built next in 2003. Finally the NTS-4000 OCXOwas introduce in 2006. In year 2013 the new next 5th generation of NTS-3000/4000/5000 time server family prouct line ware released and new brand Clepsydra Time was introduced. Shortly next year the 6th generation is planned and it will include built-in client auditing/verification functionalitiy that is a part of DEMETRA (H2020) project (2015-2016).

ELPROMA NTP Servers and FreeBSD Unix Evolution Map


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