List of ELPROMA public seminaries 2004-2016

Date   Name   Subject/Title   Authors
26.01.2016   PTTI 2016 Monterey/USA   Trusted Time Distribution w/ Audit and Verification Facilities  
  • T.Widomski (ELPROMA)

PTTI 2016 Monterey/USA

  The European project DEMETRA Demonstrating time dissemination services
  • Ph.D. P.Tavella (INRIM)


  Quantum Metrology 2013 IV Conference
  "Optical Fiber Time & Frequency Transfer in Poland - State of Art" - poster  
  • Ph.D Albin Czubla (GUM)
  • Polish Office of Measures

 AGH Katowice Poland


"White Rabbit, Subnanosecond Ethernet Synchronization" & "Clesydra System" - Raport

  • G.Daniluk   (ELPROMA)
  • K.Borgulski (ELPROMA)


  "Introducing White Rabbit, Subnanosecond Synchronization Ethernet for Embedded Systems"
  • T.Wlostowski  (CERN)
  • G.Daniluk (ELPROMA)
07.05.2011    ICDS Lomianki Poland
  "Introducing CERN's White Rabbit - the subnanosecond synchronization ... "  
  • T.Wlostowski (CERN)    
  • G.Daniluk (ELPROMA)
22.04.2010   Institute of Metrology    "Project KLEPSYDRA Crypto 2010 - repport for IniTech platform"  
  • K.Borgulski, G.Daniluk,   T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
23.06.2009   Central Office of Measures of Poland
  "Project KLEPSYDRA Crypto (ENCRYPTED HOURGLASS) Monitoring and Auditing  Autonomous Corporate UTC Time Scales"  
  • T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
27.05.2009   Institute of Telecommunications /Poland
  "Project Clepsydra - Corporate NTP server  Networks, local UTC Time Scales"  
  • T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
12.02.2009   Conference "Airport 2009"   "Autonomous Operating Time Synchronization Systems"  
  • T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
08.11.2008   Main Millitary Metrology Centre of Poland 
  "Time in Computer Systems - NTP servers, Gallileo, Glonass, GPS, GNSS signal receivers- Septentrio"
  • T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
08.05.2008   Moto2Moto Motorola International Conf.   Presenting Elproma during World International Motorola Congres in Israel"  
  • T.Widomski R.Bender (ELPROMA)
20.11.2007   Ministry of Economy of Poland
  "Time in Computer Systems - NTP servers"
  • T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
17.04.2007    Institute of Telecommunications   "Programme Time Synchronization according to Central Office of Measures  for  Local Corporate Networks isolated from Internet"
  • T.Widomski (ELPROMA) 
10.11.2004   PTTI 2004 USA /ROB   "Setting Up Cesium NTP Server at Royal Observatory of Belgium"  
  • Fabian Roosbeek, Pascal Defraigne, Andre Somerhausen (ROB)

 PTTI 2011

 White Rabbit (CERN) 2011
  Polish-Swiss Research Program 2010  TSI#2 (Demetra) PTTI2016

Other Public Seminaries confirmed by Polish Central Office of Measures (GUM)

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